Discover the authentic taste of Nepalese & Indian kitchen at Restaurant Himalaya

Thank you for your interest in our online order service. Before you proceed for the online order, please kindly read our following general terms and conditions which may be a help for you to know before placing an order with us.

General terms and conditions for Home delivery:

  1. Minimum Order for home delivery is 30 Euro and above.
  2. All the necessary details such as name,mobile, contact number, email, address etc. should be provided while ordering the food via this platform.
  3. Payments will only accepted via Credit card or cash or Ticket Restaurant/Sodexo/Cheque Repas.
  4. Orders will be delivered only 9 KM within Restaurant Himalaya
  5. Orders placed after 21h45 during dinner wont be accepted.
  6. We now accept all major credit card payments on delivery(No American Express)
  7. We are opened for takeaways and deliveries only in the evenings- Lunch closed
  8. Please order 1 hour in advance to recieve order in time.
  9. PS: Please call us if you donot get any email confirmation.